Two Axis Servo Driven Robot


2 Axis can be driven by AC servo motors and horizontal axis move by branded Pnumatic cylinder Work with high speed, high efficiency, without vibration and long service life

End of Arm Tooling:
Reserved pneumatic outputs for vacuum circuit, gripper circuit and blow circuit. Standard flip cylinder rotates 90 degree.

Our G5 series robot is specially designed for faster and precise removal of product from injection molding machine. And place them at desire location. Can work for 2 plate mold as well as 3 plate mold with pneumatic runner arm, Suitable for all types of injection molding machines
All axis linear movements are driven by heavy duty servo motors, linear guide rail and good quality power belt, for smooth, noiseless, precise and faster movement. Vertical arm with 2 stage design help to reduce cycle time and height. Arm tooling having two options, as per application pneumatic rack pinion for heavy part and pneumatic cylinder for small parts

Having positional limit sensor from both side of each axis, also having mechanical stopper block at both side, to prevent mechanical as well electrical malfunctions

User friendly:
Multi-languages system, conveyor slot, middle-mold detector slot, easy maintenance design, Easily extended input, output port, easily programming, stacking function, signal waiting, delays, loop control, IMM function, support conditional judgment

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